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"Grammar Trainer is going so well I wish we had it for math, too. It is the PERFECT way to teach Nat. We are on Lesson 10, and he now picks up the way to respond very quickly, using capital letters, pronouns, the whole bit! I love it!!! I never thought we'd get this far."

(Susan Senator, Making Peace with Autism)

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child using GrammarTrainer

J's autistic profile


The First Client - J

J was diagnosed with congenital deafness at nine months and diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder at two and a half years. He was learning sign language at nine months and had a cochlear implant at eighteen months. J was discriminating among all English speech sounds by age four and producing all English speech sounds by age six.

J's progress with GrammarTrainer

As a result of GrammarTrainer

J has now mastered:
  1. singular versus plural nouns
  2. adjective phrases like bigger than/as big as/not as big as/the biggest
  3. most verb tenses: present, past, future, complex tenses with past participles
  4. all the pronouns: he/him/his, she/her, it, they/their, I/me/my, you/your, we/us/our
  5. a variety of prepositional phrases
  6. a variety of time phrases like last week, in three days, since, until
  7. a variety of complex sentence structures (e.g., How scared the girl is depends on how high she climbs.)
  8. a variety of complex questions (e.g., What did the boy take out from behind the box?)
  9. reported speech with first-, second- and third-person pronouns (e.g., He asked me which of her shoes I tied.)

Every day speech

  1. expresses many new, complex ideas
  2. more responsive to people's questions
  3. asks more questions
  4. sample question after nine months with GrammarTrainer: "Why did Daddy lock the porch door with the key?"
  5. after a year and a half: "If I don't do 15 minutes of reading, then the teacher will not know."
  6. after two years: "Remember, earlier you told me I can have ice cream."
  7. after two and a half years: "Should I have shared with Kyle?"; "If I keep downloading, then what happens?"; "Are you going to ask me what I like to do before I go to bed?"