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The Dependent Clauses Module consists of 7 lessons plus a placement test and post test.
The lessons cover:
  1. Adverbials of manner (The girl got from the house to the tree by swimming.)
  2. Because-clauses (The boy's arm hurt because the cat was biting it.)
  3. Relative clauses (The girl who is sitting on the couch has longer hair.)
  4. Embedded -ing clauses (The boy saw the girl brushing her teeth.)
  5. Embedded infinitival clauses (The girl wants the boy to come over to her house.)
  6. Tough-movement and extraposition (Doing the puzzle is easy for the girl; The puzzle is easy for the girl to do; It is easy for the girl to do the puzzle.)
  7. Embedded clauses with tensed verbs (It's possible that the girl waved at the boy; We don't know whether the boy gave the girl a cookie.)
  8. Past progressive tense (The cart was moving because the girl was pushing it.)
  9. Modal verbs (The girl may be happy; The boy may have been angry.)
A total of 515 exercises.