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The Causal and Conditional Sentences Module consists of 9 lessons plus a placement test and post test.
The lessons cover:
  1. Correlative comparisons (The higher the sun is, the shorter the shadow.)
  2. Dependency relationships (How scared the girl feels depends on how high she climbs; Whether the boy's face will get messy depends on whether he eats the ice cream.)
  3. Causal relationships with -ing-clauses and since-clauses (By saying "boo" the boy made the girl feel surprised; Since the boy said "boo" the girl felt surprised.)
  4. Conditionals and counterfactual conditionals (If the boy says "yes" the girl will feel happy; If the boy had said "yes" the girl would have felt happy.)
  5. Purpose clauses (The girl brushed her teeth in order to avoid getting cavities.)
  6. Infinitival objects of ask, persuade, and promise (The girl asked/persuaded the boy to go to the store; The girl promised the boy to go to the store.)
A total of 233 exercises.