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"By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life."

Jean Baptiste Girard


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What Parents Say

"Grammar Trainer is going so well I wish we had it for math, too. It is the PERFECT way to teach Nat. We are on Lesson 10, and he now picks up the way to respond very quickly, using capital letters, pronouns, the whole bit! I love it!!! I never thought we'd get this far. "

(Susan Senator in Massachusetts, author of Making Peace With Autism)

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Welcome to GrammarTrainer

The GrammarTrainer method uses computer software to teach grammar through text and pictures.

If your child or client knows the words for basic colors and shapes and can read these words, the GrammarTrainer software program can teach him or her how to put words together into ever longer phrases and sentences.

The GrammarTrainer Goal is to help visual learners: express more complex thoughts, understand more complex explanations and pick up more of the language and social dynamics of daily life.

GrammarTrainer can help children who:

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How GrammarTrainer surpasses other software

Jonah on Grammar TrainerIn comparison with all other language software, the GrammarTrainer was designed by a professional linguist for her autistic son. It employs an unprecedented level of linguistic sophistication and asks the child to respond actively by clicking out his answer word by word. It gives detailed, incremental, carefully-worded linguistic feedback and interactively guides the child towards the correct answer. GrammarTrainer also covers the broadest range of grammar topics: from simple phrases through complex sentences, ensuring that the child internalizes what he learns.